A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Play as santa while you try to survive as long as you can to endless waves of zombie elves.
Made for shenanijam, although I spent around just 6 hours because I was also making this: https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-gja/rate/450394 other game for that jam.
Themes used:

Achievments used:

Healthy Living - Sleep for 8 hours per night, get an hour of exercise, and only eat healthy food for the duration of the jam.

Mozart - compose your own music.

Tango - Your team size is 2.

Probably buggy as hell, but I did what I could.

Graphics and proggraming was all mine.

All music and SFX where made for this project by: https://instagram.com/walter_eloso?igshid=11mrhl6ltbh89 or https://itch.io/profile/wal3 o


ElfArmaggedon.rar 19 MB
ElfArmaggedon Linux.rar 20 MB

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